Solving your technology needs in a confusing world

Web design and managed IT solutions for non-profits, small business, and enterprises.


With a breadth of experience in various types of companies, non-profits to small businesses to enterprises, we have unique insight to what matters.


We help you choose the right technology, leveraging the expansive corporate sponsored software, so you can focus on your mission.

Web Design

We design modern, responsive, mobile friendly, and search optimized websites which increase reach and retention of you customers.

Small Business

Servicing and managing your IT needs so you don't have to can save small businessess tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Enterprise E-Recycling

Save, secure, affordable, and ecologically responsible solution for getting rid of your old hardware.

G-Suite & O365 Migrations

Migrating local services, applications, and hardware to the cloud can save you thousands of dollars each year by reducing technical support calls, expensive licensing, and employee downtime.

Physical to Cloud Migrations

Moving on-premise hardware and services to cloud services can save on expensive hardware upgrades, server downtime, technical maintenance, and on-site support.

Our Philosophy

Working with companies from manufacturing, non-profits, consultants, corporations, and small businesses have exposed us to a simple truth, the right choice in technology could make or break a company.

The days are gone that a business could rely on word of mouth to do their customer outreach and marketing for them. Today we need technology to reach current and potential customers.

fivethirtyfour is the resource to help make the right choices to reach the right people. We believe in making sure our customer’s business is provided with the best tools they can have. Whether that means a fresh new website that focuses on the massive shift in mobile searches or getting rid of that old server you’ve got laying around in a responsible and ecological manner.

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